Friday, January 11, 2008

Journal entries about dreams are always a bit presumptuous. It is presumptuous enough that I think that you will care about my real life, much less my subconcious life unless, let's face it, it is rediculously dirty or violent. And at that point, it is usually not the fact that the dream is disturbing as much as the fact that you are sharing it online, once again bringing it into the "real life" category. But that being said. Oh well. It feels like everyone I know is pregnant. On top of having recently pretended to be pregnant, it makes sense why I would be thinking and dreaming about it a lot. So last night Dan Gast was twelve years old and got this other twelve year old pregnant. Her body was too small to go through with the whole thing so they re-emplanted it in me whereupon my abdomen kept swelling to gargantuan proportions daily. (I was also having a parallel dream that I was feeling my stomach grow while sleeping on my bed). The 12 year old girl wanted Zygote (as we affectionally called him) back and so they yanked him out of me. Then I went drinking with Brittany whereupon I got really drunk and projectile vomitted all over this beautiful garden. There was a lot of other stuff too. Chris and Chad got in a huge fight during a movie. Random things. A lot of sad and lonely things in general. So that's that. I just wanted to let you know.

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