Thursday, December 15, 2011

love's guest

i held her closely to my face
until she squirmed from my embrace,
mewing at the door.
knowing her wish, i opened it wide
to bid love’s guest to come inside,  
a good hello, a sweet goodbye.
(poem about my cat, Raja.  I was holding her last night to comfort me because my sister is getting married in two days, which is so exciting and hard at the same time.   Love’s guest is often surrender, and she gets invited over a lot.  In this case, love’s guest is also named Luke, who I love so much and makes it totally worth it to open the door.)  

Sunday, December 4, 2011

radio weather report, npr, december 1, 2011

“Clear the skies tonight...”
she commands or prays
to us or God,
clearing her throat, the air 
waves re-tracting 
re-porting her tongue 
into a harbor of right words
that lack imagination,
ambition, faith.
“Clear skies tonight, high 
of thirty-seven.”