Thursday, March 17, 2011

8 pieces of mutton

In the middle of an improv sketch at Monday’s practice, Josh told us a true story of a boy who caught his flip flops on fire after deliberately putting lighter fluid on the bottom. Alyssa asked how old he was.

Josh: He was eight years old.

Alyssa: He was idiot years old.

Skizz: He was awesome years old.

Natasha: Hey! Awesome is Spanish for eight!!!

*confused stares*

Natasha: I mean in Serbian! (which it is! It’s spelled “osam,” but pronounced the same.)

This took us into a whole discussion on language, specifically why animal flesh in English is often called different things based on whether it is alive or dead. Skizz told us that in 1066 the French invaded England, making the Anglo Saxons their servants. The servants would be the ones to slaughter the animals (words like sheep and cow are anglo saxon). The masters would be the ones to eat the dish (words like mutton and beef are French). I did not bother to check the validity of this on Wikipedia. All I know that is if it’s a lie, it’s the most interesting lie that I have heard in years so I don’t mind passing it along. We also never bothered to find out what happened to the boy with the shoes on fire. We only know that once he was osam, and now, if alive, eighteen.

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