Tuesday, October 4, 2011

putt putt

how lovely it is
to focus one's mind upon
a single goal,
the sound of neon
dropping into a plastic hole.

I almost made it.  12 days, 12 poems(ish).  I wrote this last night, but didn't have internet.  As a side note, I got the job I felt like I had such a bad interview.  It is only 10 hours a week, but it's a start.  It also leaves a lot of things very much up in the air.  I long for that singular goal, but maybe if I go putt-putting on the weekends, I'll be able to wade through the confusion of it all.  I'll be working with high schoolers as a professional encourager, which is a pretty sweet gig.  I graduated from this particular high school seven and a half years ago.  I feel like there are parts of my high school self God wants me to interact with, remember, and not fear.  Those years were so hard for me.  But now I get a chance to turn around and love high schoolers wherever they are at, which is so something God would do.  He loves that redemption stuff.  

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Daniel said...

Congrats on meeting your duodecimal goal! I like today's — it moves really nicely from line to line and the form is exquisite. And congrats on your new job! You'll be great at it.

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