Saturday, September 24, 2011

clock work

today i heard the bridesmaids
arrived forty five minutes late.
stepped in, looked around,
shrugged and took their place.
the mexican culture seems so 
happy, she said, and so i thought 
about the nature of time until i 
looked at the clock and realized i 
had to go. (there’s an anxious white
rabbit inside my heart wearing
a waistcoat and running the show.)

My sister is getting married soonish, and there is a lot of anxiety around everything being "perfect."  Not necessarily for my sister, but there's a nervous energy around the whole event for a lot of people in white, suburban culture that she is surrounded by in this process from the florist to the bridal shop.  Everything must be run, well, like clockwork.  Sometimes there is a sigh at the end of a wedding day, not in joy, but in relief that nothing went wrong.   I could probably take a couple pages out of another culture's book.  It's such a different mindset from my own, but it's really wonderful.  Actually my sister is probably way better at this than I am.  I just don't care about wedding decor.  (By the way, the story is from an actual wedding today, not even the rehearsal!)

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