Wednesday, July 6, 2011

two poems on the resurrection

And the Word became flesh, and did tabernacle among us. -John 1:14

For three days,
the word lay like
a stilled tongue 
inside the mouth
of a lightless 
eyes rolled back
like a stone,
like the word
stone, lifeless
until breath
and breather’s 
filled the law
of love and death’s
clanging symbols
with risen flesh.


An angel folds
death’s shroud
in joy and trembling,
as He unfolds
the three-person tent,
 raising it up
like a big top, 
to be seen by all
that we might come, 
Allegria Allelulia,
to make our dwelling
inside of Him.

1 comment:

Annah said...

1) Wow. vivid gruesome incongruous images of love! ...sounds just like Him! (except maybe the gruesome part ...that's where WE come in!)

2) Love it.
I'll agree-yah!