Thursday, May 26, 2011

in time it will all make sense

My furry feral fetal fairy-turtle feels fairly free to feed fee-free from fertile fields off Fields Ertel.

It's harder than one would think to write a tongue twister.  That being said, it's kind of sad this little ditty has been my only creative output in a week.  I wrote it in my car after thinking, "Fields Ertel is a weird name."  I actually can say it frighteningly fast.  

Yesterday I started an internship at a very large church and also began a new babysitting gig.  I am still very much trying to figure out how to live into the rhythms of this new season of life.  I have a feeling a lot of it might be hard work, which I am looking forward to.  I read a poet who said when you work, time is moving through you, and when you don't, it's like time is passing by you.  I really identified somehow with that feeling, so I'm looking forward to an intentional time-through-me summer.   

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